Behind the Scenes at Capital Idea

Whitney Casey Productions behind the scenes at the capital idea video shoot!

We absolutely loved working with the Capital Idea crew, and cannot wait to join up with them again!

Here’s a little bit about Capital Idea:

Capital Idea sponsors educational services for families who are currently affected by unemployment. They’re responsible for connecting hundreds of Austin citizens with employment opportunities and business related curriculum. Through Capital Idea, men and women can receive the proper training and education they need to jump start their career.

To learn more about Capital Idea and the work they do, visit their website:

Online video is a must for non-profits for many different reasons:
-Online videos gives potential clients and donors a visual reference to the non-profit organization.
-With online video, non-profit organizations can share their entire story in a small amount of time.
-Visual stories make a greater emotional impact on viewers.
-Videos allow a company to convey their message and mission effectively in meetings and in business associated interactions. You have a video, you look more professional.

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