Are your videos authentically authentic? ……. Click “Read More” for three tips!

We weigh in on the New York Times article: Authentic? Get Real

Three tips to authentic videos:
-If you’re doing a VLog (a video blog), it needs to look organic, not highly produced. Use our VLogs as an example.
-If you’re making a video (not a VLog – they’re two different things) it needs to be highly produced! Put your best foot forward in your online video content.
-When being interviewed for your video, make sure it’s someone you know and are comfortable with. To look authentic in your videos, you should start with some “fluff” questions (i.e. “Tell me about yourself.” and “How did you get started in your field.”) And don’t script your answers, you’re the expert, so just talk to us!

Click here for the link to the New York Times article.

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